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Gokavala started as a side project, by locals who live in the area. The intention of Gokavala,
is to inform the visitor about what to visit and how to plan the trip here the best way they can. Our first priority
is to reveal to you the best places to stay depending on what you wish to do, and all kind of information
to make your stay enjoyable. You will find our favourite picks of the area that we think you should visit
and also tips in terms of food, rent and every other valuable information a visitor can use.

“As the intention of this website is to inform the visitor how to make the best of his/her trip here, we will not advertise or in any way suggest something that we don’t believe is worthy for you to visit.”
Gokavala – Creator

Hey! My name is dimitris.

I am a flight Instructor and I live in Palio. Unless flying in the wonderful blue skies of Kavala and rest of the region. I enjoy myself exploring the nature and hidden gems of the area and blog them here. Enjoy yourself here and don’t hesitate to contact me if you are visiting. I always enjoy meeting new people
and discussing chilling with cold beers and seafood!!

Hello there, I’m Christos

I mostly prefer activity trips. What about you? I am excited to talk about my passion for travels and how I can use my skills and experience to help others plan their perfect adventure. I decided to start this enjoyful journey of providing trip information and guidance, because I like assisting people achieve their goals, have memorable time and life events. I believe that experiencing different cultures and ways of life is one of the most enriching and life-changing experiences a person can have.

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