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Palaio tsifliki

Palio tsifliki (PALIO) is on the west part of Kavala just 9 km from the center of the town. With its amphitheatrical shape full of thick tall pine trees covering most of the village, it consists one of the most beautiful places in the area. Locals prefer a quick summer escape there and many of them do stay permanently as it is the nearest village from Kavala.

Sandy beaches with crystal clear aqua water is surrounding the almost 3 km coastline. In Palio you will find many organized beaches with all the basic amenities such us beach bars for coffee and snacks and very good taverns for lunch and diner.

Palio also makes a great choice for family vacation or if you are just the kind of people that enjoy the tranquillity and calmness of this sweet paradise. Apart from the taverns and chill beach bars, Palio is quite not so active in terms of nightlife so we wouldn’t recommend it if this is your thing.

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