Welcome to kavala , the blue diamond of north greece.

Located in the east part of North Greece, Κavala is wiggling between the west and more modern part of Greece , and the eastern more of traditional part of Thrace. The name of Kavala is quite disputed, some say it got the name as a result of the Horse trade that used to happen there at mid 1500’s ,others say that it was named from Alexanter the great due to his love for his horse “Bukefala” and some historians mention that it was named after a  Byzantine fortress named Kavala close to the Byzantine city of Iconium in Asia minor. Now the city’s nickname is the ” cyan city” and the symbol of the municipality is the head of goddess “parthenos”.

You have reached Kavala for your holidays and it’s time to start exploring it. This amazing place has a lot to offer.

In the city there is a large variety of thriving places to visit. The first walk, that will excite you, is the tour around Kavala’s scenic port, which is located in the southern part of the city.

The people of Kavala prefer this side of the city for walks all day long. It’s a nice place to empty your mind enjoying the panoramic view of the sea and Thassos island. A lot of cafes, pastry shops with unique tastes of ice cream and taverns with local dishes and drinks, such as ouzo, extend along the port side of the city.

The religious, educational and charitable institution of Imaret

Walking in the old town of Kavala, east of the port, Imaret dominates. Its founder is Mehmet Ali, born in Kavala, who wanted to benefit his hometown with a religious, educational and charitable institution.

Mehmet Ali’s home and its breathtaking view

Strolling a little further above Imaret, you will also come across the house of Mehmet Ali, also known as the house of Muhammad Ali. It has two floors, a hammam and the possibility of heating. It is located in such a position that it has a panoramic view from all sides.

The panoramic view from Kavala’s fortress

At the top of the peninsula of Panagia and at a height of about 70 m stands the fortress of the city that was built during the Ottoman period.

Today the visitor can see:

  • -The central circular tower, which was the last area of ​​defense.
  • -The unique view of the city of Kavala offered by its roof is worth seeing.
  • -The ammunition and food warehouse, which was later turned into a prison.
  • -The outpost, which was a place suitable for officers or guard quarters.
  • -The water tank.

Ancient roman aqueduct in Kavala, Greece. Called Kamares.

Another monument that must be visited is Kamares, as the Old Aqueduct is known, is a well-preserved aqueduct in the city of Kavala and one of its features. They are located north of the port. Today, Kamares are now an attraction of the city, preserving their beauty, characterizing the city and making it known throughout Greece

The water started from the source, which is located at a height of 400 meters and is known as “Mother of Water” or “Three Karagatsia” or “Subashi”. It followed a route of 6.5 km, to finally reach Kamares and water the peninsula of Panagia. Thus the water reached the public reservoirs, the baths and the institutions of the old city and made the settlement viable.

Museum of Tobacco

For the fans of tobacco the city of Kavala has a unique place to show. The Tobacco Museum of the Municipality of Kavala, founded in 2003, is a thematic museum. Kavala, due to its good relationship with the neighboring areas where the excellent variety of “basmas” tobacco was cultivated and the natural port, which had the possibility of serving large commercial ships, concentrated in the middle of the 19th century the commercial exploitation of the tobaccos of the Balkan peninsula. Furthermore, there are nice tobacco shops in the area, where you can find a large variety of tobacco tastes.More Here.

In a historic and seaside city like this one, the Archaeological and Naval Museums could not be missed.

Saint Nicholas church with its famous mosaic

The building of the Holy Church of Agios Nikolaos, located North of the port, was built around the middle of the 16th century and functioned as a Muslim mosque under the name of Ibrahim Pasha, who was in 1530 the vizier and son-in-law of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent. It was the central mosque in the Old Town of Kavala, since due to its position it dominated the center of the market and was part of a more general complex called Imaret, which was made up of public benefit institutions (mosques, madrasahs, almshouses, inns, baths, shops) . It was converted into a Holy Church around 1926, and in 1945 it was inaugurated and named after the patron saint of the seas, Agios Nikolaos. Do not miss the chance to take a picture in front of the famous mosaic of Saint Nicholas church.

Of course, after a tour around the town, you might feel hungry. Do not lose the opportunity to enjoy remarkable dishes within the sidewalks of Saint Nicholas church. You will find there famous Greek dishes, drinks and ice creams even for the most demanding visitors. Check our guide and eat like a local

During your visit to the city of Kavala, you cannot miss its beaches. Washed by the sea, the city has to offer you enchanting beaches with deep blue crystal waters. In fact, most of them are located within the urban fabric of the city. Organized or not, the only certain thing is that you will enjoy your time there. Sandy beaches for families, with beach bars, but also steep rocky beaches for the more adventurous.

Take a break ,enjoy the blue

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On the beaches of Kavala, the sands turn soft and golden and the waters lap the shore in shades of light blue to nearly clear aqua. The area offers more than a dozen beaches, all with their own vibe. Here’s where to find the best beaches of kavala.

Cinematic urban areas are offered for long city walks, with hidden treasures around the town. Seaside taverns , coffee shops and small local gift shops, combined with the “akropolis” castle view (visible from almost all the town) award the traveller with a sense of tranquillity and mystique.

views of kavala
Palm trees

Away from heavy tourism, kavala offers the real thing in a budget and is suitable for family, couple and youngster vacations as well. The city is active and offers all the basic premises (hospital,public transportation,ect) and has very low crime rate, so rest assure you will be safe.

A canvas laced of mountain and sea , kavala influenced by the different Greek races of Pontus , Asia minor and others offers a great gastronomy experience and succeeds to combine Mediterranean cuisine with eastern touch. Of course, fresh fish is the hero here, as kavala operates one of the biggest fish auction houses in Greece. You will enjoy fresh same day fish in most taverns but especially Keramoti is the top spot for sea dishes.

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