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Kavala’s bus station

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Bus transportation in Greece is well functioning, with often routes pretty much everywhere. This is applicable also in Kavala , where an organized network of transport buses can take you anywhere.
The bus center its called “KTEL” here in Greece and you will find it near the center of the town. Below you will find a map where exactly it is.


General Tips

  • For about 150-200 Km distance, you Pay around 15 Euro. If you book return tickets as well, you get a discount.
  • 150-200 Km will take you to Thessaloniki from West, Alexandroupoli from East.
  • Some routes go through villages and take more time, Book an express one to avoid it.(Cost the same)
  • There are buses to take you from Kavala to Ammolofoi, these buses follow a route from Kavala->Palio->Iraklitsa->Peramos->Ammolofoi. It takes 30-40 minutes from start to end and ticket costs almost 2 €.
  • In summer season buses to Palio,Iraklitsa, Peramos, Ammolofoi are more frequent.

Last update 31-1-2023

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