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If you are a person that likes sandy beaches with crystal clear water and at the same time close to a graphical castle city like Kavala then it makes a great choice.

According to crowd-sourced data and official statistics, Kavala is considered a safe place to visit as long as tourist s remain vigilant of their surroundings. The above is also applicable for most places in Greece.

You can get here by Aeroplane , or drive here directly. Kavala’s national road is very good, and many tourists arrive here with their car.

The more, the better! It depends on what you want to do here. Are you visiting for chilling and take a breath from your work? Are you coming for adventure? Are you coming for exploring? It all depends on what you want. We would suggest 4 days minimum to take a good taste.

Most of the Greeks are capable of speaking English to a discussable level, so you will not find problems communicating in most places.

Kavala is considered a medium – range town in terms of cost of living. Compared to other destinations like islands, Athens , Chalkidiki etc, – Kavala area and also Thassos is significantly cheaper and offer much more of quality for the visitors. So, to conclude, Kavala is considered a Mid-Low budget destination.

Depending on what you find joy in your life is the answer to your question. Kavala is Not famous for its nightlife nor Partying. Most of the people here enjoy long walks and spending time in nature. But summer season is full of active beach bars and clubs, so youngsters will definitely survive from boredom!

Kavala district offers a modern and trustworthy healthcare system which consists of a Public Hospital, many Clinics and all kind of specialization private doctors.

Well, there is not a clear answer to this. But if you are planning to come, I would suggest spend some time in Thassos.

Kavala offers a very well organized public transportation network, which can get you almost everywhere and cheap.