Baptistery of Saint Lydia

Next to the the archeological place of Philippi is based the contemporary Baptistery of Saint Lydia, designed according to the architectural patterns of Octagon.

History of the Baptistery of Saint Lydia

Baptistery of Saint Lydia

This place is where Apostle Paul baptized the first Christian woman in Europe – Lydia, and it was here, where the first baptismal ceremony was held in Europe.

Visitors can marvel at the unique works of infinite beauty and Orthodox tradition such as:

The famous stained glass windows with the art of vitral. Made with faith and art unique in their kind. They depict in the alcove of the Sanctuary the founder of the Church of Philippi, the first Church in Greece and Europe, the Apostle Paul and St. Lydia of Philippi, as well as other Holy persons linked to the place and the local Church, a donation of pious Cavaliotes.

The orthomarbling of the interior of the Church-Baptistry with local marbles is an important project. Mounted with a special technique, on steel rails. The visitor thinks that there are open books in front of him.

The hand-forged chandeliers, similar to those of early Christian times, simple and simple.

The marble iconostasis (tableau), identical to that of the First Basilica of Philippi, and the marble episcopal throne of early Christian times.

Unique and incomparable value are the mosaics and hagiographies of the Holy Baptistry. Gazing at the dome of the Holy Baptistry, one admires the mosaic of the Baptism of the Lord, instead of the Pantocrator as is customary in Orthodox Churches. A work unique in its composition worldwide. Also the mosaic of the Sanctuary, Panagia Zoodochos Pigi, instead of Platytera. So that the connection with the water element of the river Zygactis and all the events of the Baptism of the purple Lydia can be done in this way.

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