Paleochori Village

Paleochori Village

The area of ​​Paleochori village is the closest point of Pangaeo municipality to the forest and lies 26 km west of Kavala. You can enjoy the wonderful view from the Castle and hike the mountain trails.

Admire the ruins of the Byzantine monastery of Saint George. For a rest you can enjoy your coffee and taste the local cuisine in the shops of the square. There are also wonderful picnic spots in the lush forest of Pangaeo.

Chestnut Festival at Paleochori Village

A good reason to visit Paleochori is the Chestnut Festival. Every year, the famous chestnut festival is organized in the village with the roasting of chestnuts that perfume the whole place and usually takes place on the last Sunday of October, while your visit is ideally accompanied by a glass of wine or tsipouro of local origin.

This celebration beautifies the already wonderful village that climbs on Mount Pangaeo, which is famous for its intensely mysterious character. In addition, visitors have the opportunity to pick chestnuts from the forest while enjoying the nature of Pangaeo preparing to welcome winter.

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