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One of the biggest wineries in North Greece

Nico Lazaridi, a former marble pit owner, found his true passion in cultivating grapes and producing wine. His obsession with winemaking led him to establish his own winery in the heart of Drama, Greece. Today, the Nico Lazaridi winery is renowned for its exceptional wines, blending traditional Greek winemaking techniques with modern innovation.

Nico Lazaridi
Nico Lazaridi Winery

The story of Nico Lazaridi

Nico Lazaridi was born in Drama, North Greece in 1942. He began his career as a marble pit owner, but eventually discovered his love for winemaking. In 1987, he founded his own winery in the heart of Drama, where he combined traditional Greek winemaking methods with modern techniques to produce exceptional wines. .

He was a pioneer in the Greek wine industry, creating unique blends of native and international grape varieties. His legacy continues today at the Nico Lazaridi winery, where his passion for winemaking lives on through his family and team of expert winemakers.

From Marble Dams to Nectar of the Gods: The Story of Nico Lazaridi and the Birth of Greek Winemaking

Nico Lazaridi

In the heart of Drama, North Greece, there’s a story that connects marble pits with vineyards and the love of winemaking. It’s the story of Nico Lazaridi, a man who followed his passion and created the first vineyards in the region.

Lazaridi started his career as a marble pit owner, but his love for nature and his family’s winemaking tradition led him to embark on a new path. He bought a small plot of land and began cultivating grapes, using his knowledge of water management from his time in the marble industry to irrigate the vines.

With hard work and determination, Lazaridi created unique blends of native and international grape varieties that drew international attention. His winery became a benchmark for the Greek wine industry, and his wines earned numerous awards and accolades.

Lazaridi’s success is a testament to his passion for winemaking and his dedication to the land. He understood that the hard work and determination that he put into the marble industry could also be applied to winemaking.

The rest is history. Today, the Nico Lazaridi winery continues to produce exceptional wines that showcase the unique terroir of Drama. The winery is a testament to Lazaridi’s legacy and his love of the land, and serves as an inspiration for future generations of winemakers.

In the end, it’s a story of passion and dedication, of a man who followed his heart and created something truly remarkable. From marble dams to nectar of the gods, Nico Lazaridi’s story is one of transformation and the power of nature to inspire us all.

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The Nico Lazaridi winery is a must-visit destination for wine enthusiasts. Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or simply looking to discover new flavors, a visit to Nico Lazaridi is sure to be a memorable experience.

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