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Pangeo Forest Village

Pangeo Forest Village

Are you, your friends or family the type of the traveler looking for alternative means of tourism? Welcome to the Pangeo Forest Village. At a beautiful place, close to a green forest and the imposing mountain of Pangeo, awaits you to offer the most relaxing vacations in all 4 seasons of the year.


It is located only 32km West of Kavala, approximately 38 minutes and the road to reach there is in a very good condition.


The Pangeo Forest Village is an ideal destination for people who love nature and want to escape from everyday life. Daily activities, such as archery, climbing, bicycling, hiking, rafting and more can take place in the area. This will make you, your friends or your family with young and older children to find a place, in order to spend valuable time all together in nature. For the moment the activities take place after a coordination with mr Nikos. However, as of October 2023 we have been informed that activities will take place every single weekend.

For more information concerning the activities you can ask mr Nikos on the link below:

River Monsters Outdoor Activities

The Pangaeon Forest Village is a choice for visitors who really want to feel and experience the magical spirit of nature, that’s why the people you will meet there will create a group of nature lovers for endless hours of forestry. Relaxing evenings with music, song and dance, a relaxing sleep and a dawn with the morning concert of birds, an endless colorful image of sky, trees and sea as well as the island of Thassos to fill the frame, will be a page full of experiences and feelings in the book of your life.


There are 10 (7 rooms with 3 beds and 2 rooms with 2 beds) very well preserved wooden rooms for families and people who love comfort and tranquility. All rooms have a stunning view to the nature form the terrace and spacious fully equipped bathrooms. Recently, the provision of a brand new sauna has been added to the services!!! Be the first who will try it!!! Furthermore, there is always a grill ready to test your grilling skills.

Main Hall

There is a large room, where you can enjoy your coffee or drink next to the fireplace or the wood stove.

The time at the main hall’s terrace will be etched in your memory forever. The breathtaking view from the surrounding area creates a picturesque landscape. Take your time and breathe deeply.

The idea originator

We met mr. Lefteris, the person behind the whole idea. A versatile personality with a pure love for nature and the people loving it. His course through this project was and still is demanding, spending most of his time keeping the whole area serviceable, protected and clean, you will find him there to serve you and accommodate your willings. We had very pleasant time discussing together his future plans for the village (i.e 400 meters zip-line, the longer in Greece) having as a common denominator the environmental protection (i.e energy independent facilities) and the attraction of people closer to nature.

You can find more contact information of Pangeo Forest Village on the link below:

Pangeo Forest Village


Mr. Lefteris gave a special accomodation offer for our readers. Use the following code and take the advantage:


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