Moustheni Village

Moustheni Village

Moustheni Village, literally hidden in the arms of the Pangaeo Mountain, lies west of Kavala at a distance of 33 minutes.

Unforgettable walk at Moustheni Village

Walking through the well-maintained path of Moustheni, which crosses the village, you will feel like you are transported to another world, full of watermills and springs with cold water all year round. With around 650 inhabitants and architectural “jewels” such as the Old Turkish School (look for the Arabic inscription) and the Folklore Museum, the last thing you’ll think is that you’re 20 kilometers from the sea.

A chance to stay close to Nature and its Beauty

Yung and older visitors will never forget a visit to Moustheni Pharm. A place where a local family created and improved with the passage of time. Tradition and technology are being met in the pharm allowing visitors to taste a large variety of products.

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