Potos Beach Thassos

Potos Beach

Potos beach, located on the island of Thassos, is a popular destination known for its scenic beauty and excellent tourist infrastructure. The beach is situated 42km southwest of Limenas, the capital of the island, and is a 2km stretch of soft, sandy shoreline surrounded by tall pine trees and greenery. Visitors can find plenty of shade under the trees, making it an ideal spot for a relaxing day on the beach. Potos is also popular for water sports like windsurfing, and offers a wide variety of restaurants and cafeterias for visitors to enjoy. The beach is crowded during the summer, so be sure to come early to secure your spot. After visiting Potos, be sure to check out Pefkakia, another beautiful beach just down the road.


Potos is the first place for nightlife in Thassos , so you have to expect the beach to be full of young people ready to party, anytime of the day. There are a lot of shop, restaurants, cafes and bars, so whatever you need is next to you

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