Cape Vrasidas Beach

Cape Vrasidas Beach

Situated between Ammolofoi and N. Peramos, Cape vrasidas is a tight strip of land that separates Peramos from Ammolofoi, myths and legends say that it got the name from Spartan General warhead Vrasidas who, after he got trapped in the gulf of Peramos from the Athenian fleet, he managed to curry his fleet of ships through the land at night and escape to Aegean.

Cape Vrasidas is a must-go if you are a nature lover kind of guy. Sandy beaches and turquoise crystal clear water compose a marvellous scenery. You can drive yourself there from a dirt road from Anaktoroupolis ( the castle of Peramos) , generally it’s not so bad for a dirt road and most vehicles can go there easily. You can visit both sides by ease with few minutes walk.

If you are the kind of explorer, you can visit Anaktoroupolis, and after that walk your self to Vrasidas Cape by the coast. The beaches there are not so easily accessible, but they are very clean, and you may enjoy some private time there just you, the sun and Aegean!

As you must have already understood, the beach is not organized, so you must bring all the things you need with you.

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