Ammolofoi Beach

Ammolofoi Beach

Ammolofoi beach is located West of Peramos (4km) and a 25-minute ride from center of Kavala. Ammolofoi is considered as a top pick for the entire area in terms of white sandy beaches and shallow turquoise crystal clear water. Palm trees , wide asymmetric sand hills and green mountains in the background compose a unique picturesque canvas that it can easily compare with a tropic paradise.

A lot of beach bars operate in the area, with some of them being the most popular and host party events that attract a lot of people and especially youngsters. You will find all the modern amenities you can imagine on most of these beach bars like WC , changing rooms, showers , food, cocktails and all kind of refreshments. Rooms and hotels are excluded, as the nearest rooms to rent to Ammolofoi is at Peramos which is just few (4km) minutes away.

As we already mentioned, Ammolofoi is the top place to be at summer season for swimming and enjoying , and that means it is the busiest beach in the whole area. Nonetheless, a visit there is a must-go, so don’t miss it.

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