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Philippi village

Philippi village

a visit to Philippi village

Philippi village is placed 15 km north of Kavala, 13 km east of Eleftheroupoli and was an ancient city of Eastern Macedonia. Everyone can face the walls and the citadel, as a wordless witness to the history of peoples who lived or crossed their paths on the fertile plain of Philippi. Legends, myths, cults, historical events that configured the western civilization are closely associated with this place. The archaeological site of Philippi is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

At the entrance of the archeological site of Philippi you will find a map of the area. I found it quite useful during my tour along the place.

Map of archeological area

First you will meet the refectory and a shop. You may skip them for the moment and proceed to the east side entrance to buy your ticket (3 euros).

Entrance of the site
Entrance of the site
East entrance of archeological site

The area is very well organized and the itinerary is bounded, as a result you will follow the correct sequence of the monuments with no chance to be lost. The historic theatre and the museum are among the first sites you will visit.


In the museum you will leave an amazing experience travelling yourself through time and moments. Show your ticket at the entrance of the museum and navigate yourself among the monuments.

Entrance of museum

Do not skip to visit the 2nd floor!!!

2nd floor of museum

After exiting the museum, the prison of Saint Paul, the old commercial market and the roman agora are waiting for you. Basillika B’ and the palaestra can be sighted in distance, due to the restoration taking place for the moment (13/03/2023)

Basillika B’ and Palaestra
The Roman Agora

Next you can head towards the Octagon Church and the old road of Egnatia

Octagon Church
Egnatia old road with the new discovered part

You can enjoy this walk through the monuments and the museum by yourself, but the assistance of a guide is always welcome. You can call in advance, 1-2 days prior to your visit especially after April, to book your guide. The tour lasts around 2-2.5 hrs and costs around 80 euros in total for a group of maximum 50 members. You can call ms Tsolaki or Komsiou for further details.

After finishing you may feel thirsty or hungry. Now is time to visit the refectory to be relaxed and reenergized with drinks and food.

It’s a place recommended for families as well as for disabled people.

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